Posted on: November 18, 2009 3:11 am

Stop being gay, leave Larry alone

So I am sitting here thinking about the Larry Johnson move. Why are people hating? I dont understand this. People call him a bad man because he used the word gay to describe some one. Big deal. I am twenty four years old and, I also go to college. I use the word gay to describe about 5-10 things a day and hear it about twice as much from my friends and random people through out the day. What im getting to is that the word gay is no longer used to describe homosexuals. It is a word that is used to describe some things that people dont like or something boring amongst many other meanings. I think that in todays society most people except homosexuals and dont even look twice when they see them. Larry was simply using a slang word to make fun of someone (his coach). He wasnt saying that the coach was a homosexual he was mearly saying that he was dumb. From what T.O. tweeted today I have reason to believe that this maybe true. Terrel was happy that Larry got away from KC and that HC. I happen to have a couple homosexual relatives and they recently described the movie Jesse James to me as "gay". They werent telling me that this particualar movie was two members of the same sex together as a couple but simply saying that the movie was boring and it sucked. So get off Larrys ass for the statements hes made because there are hundreds of thousands of people that use the word gay every day (im guessing). If you are in your twenties or younger this isnt a surprise to you. If you are in your thirties or above im guessing that you are thinking that this post is a load of crap. Sorry if I offended you. Let me take that back, I really dont care this is how it is and if you dont like it so be it. I know the use of the word is not politicaly correct words meanings change through out time. The word gay happens to be a word that has already had its meaning change before. If most of you were to ask your grandparent 10 years ago if they were gay they proly would have said "yes, its so good to see you", of course meaning they were happy to see you. Grow a back bone people.
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